We have a new addition to the Farina family!! Sophie has come all the way from Colorado to join our quirky group. Henry was ecstatic upon meeting her; Sophie was a little overwhelmed. Her flight from Denver to Chicago got delayed by an hour and a half, so she missed her connecting flight from Chicago to Tampa Monday evening. Therefor, she had to spend the night in Chicago (poor thing) and take the first flight out the next morning. She arrived safe and sound around 11 o'clock our time, and has been resting and playing since.

Sophie is an in tact female Italian Greyhound and just so happens to be in heat at the moment, making this a particularly awkward time to go flying across the United States in order to meet a new family. She is for the most part a very happy little girl, constantly wagging her tail. She is even more timid than Henry is about some things, yet unafraid of other things that petrify Henry. Sophie is a little bit bigger than Henry and weighs just a little bit more than he. She is at times a little snappy with Henry if he gets too close to her when she doesn't want him to, however, they play wonderfully together. She will even let him pounce on her while they are playing, so it is a little confusing, frustrating and hard for Henry to figure out when he can and cannot get near her. I am sure they will feel more comfortable around each other as the days pass on. We look forward to Henry and Sophie becoming best buddies!

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Luke & Erin said... are so crazy....

Morfar said...

Which girl? Sophie or Eva? Or maybe it's David for allowing another dog in the house? I'm sure you will all live happily ever after, and Henry now has someone he can relate to. Good job, David and Eva.

Luke & Erin said...

Again....where are your priorities here? We don't want to see pictures of your dogs...we want to see you! Give the people what they want! :-)

Eva & Les said...

Cute doggie, can we borrow her?