David the Mechanic

My brakes have needed replacing for a while now. A LONG while. They have gotten so bad that I refused to drive my van anywhere, nor let anyone else drive. So, David sat down to replace our rotor and brake pads on one side. Let me just tell you folks, my husband is WONDERFUL!!! Everyday I am amazed at how he can just set his mind to doing something and do it! He tackled that wheel in no time, well, with the exception of having to go back to the auto parts store to get a bigger rotor than the one originally purchased. Just amazing; I'm the one who taught him how to change his oil, and now he has graduated to changing brake pads and rotors. Sniff, sniff, I am so proud!

Thanks to Luke, my brother-in-law, who helped him along with a few obstacles David had!

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Roy Johnson said...

Did you make sure that he was the first one to drive it after he worked on it? This is an old trick to get rid of one's spouse, you know, so you'd better make sure that he is in the car with you when you take it out!

Nice to have a handyman! Bless you my son.

Luke said...

Cool! Thanks for the plug! I'll send you the consultation bill :). Hopefully more diy repairs to come.