Good News!!

David just caught the snake that I saw in our house about three weeks ago!!!

We were getting ready for church Sunday morning when I walked down our hallway holding Ian. I saw this black thing in my peripheral vision and looked down. Sadly, it took me a good thirty seconds to realize there was a snake literally a few inches from my foot. I raced back to our bathroom and yelled at David (who was in the shower) that there was a snake in the house. In my effort to help David find his glasses while keeping Emmaline and Ian in our room for safety, I lost sight of the snake and David could not find it. Argghhh!

Well, tonight, I was on my way from our room to Emmaline's room to put away a sock of hers when I looked down and saw that dratted snake! I gasped, ran into our room and jumped on our bed while yelling, "Snake! Snake!". I'm so grateful my husband is my prince charming! I don't know what I would do without my snake handler husband. He captured that snake in seconds, reassured me that it was harmless, then set it free outside. Here's to hoping he doesn't get back in. When I shuddered at the sight of our little black friend, David said, "It's only a black snake, he's harmless." To which I responded, "Hon, don't you know that women and snakes don't get along?" He laughed.

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Jacquelynn said...

Okay...I don't think I could have slept a wink knowing there was a snake in my house and I wasn't able to catch it and get rid of it. You are much braver than I!

Eva said...

Well, I didn't for a while, but after a week I kind of forgot all about it.