Week 13

OK, so I said I wouldn't write anything, but I think I might be feeling the bambino moving. I have been having weird sensations for the past week now, and I can't quite figure out what it is. Is it even possible to feel your baby moving this early? And, if this is the baby moving that I feel, then I am slightly encouraged. So far, baby #2 is a lot more gentle than our little Emmie ever was. She started out kicking and punching and never calmed down.

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Tiffany said...

maybe it's just gas bubbles or something....I didn't think you could feel the baby that early. I think they say the very earliest is like 16 weeks and that's usually only in women who have had previous pregnancies....who knows?

Erin said...

I felt each babier earlier than the previous one. So who knows? It seems a bit early to be feeling that already, but who's to say for sure that it's not! :-)

Eva said...

Who knows? The only reason I thought it might be the baby is because it is always to the front of my uterus. I just figured it couldn't be gas. Again, who knows? I'm sure eventually I will be able to tell.