27 Weeks

All right, here's the new photo with my new haircut. Doesn't look as good as when I first stepped out of the salon, but hey, what can you do?
Twenty-seven weeks have brought a larger belly, achy knees and feet, and the inability to sit up very quickly due to stretched out abs. Emmaline seems to be calming down a little bit. Her movements aren't as forceful, no more kung fu kicking and punching that I have been experiencing since week seventeen. I am not sure if that is due to her accomodations growing smaller or if she has just decided to be a little nicer to me. I think maybe part of it is that she has discovered how to move her entire body by moving her appendages. There are times when I am watching for movement when I will see something round poke out of my belly.
Henry and Sophie are loving the new apartment, mostly due to the carpeting throughout. They have started playing with each other, racing around and playing tug of war. Usually Sophie wins. I think Henry is being a gentleman most of the time, but the rest of the time he is usually just being a wuss. Having Sophie has really opened my eyes to how much Henry has calmed down since he was a puppy. Now he is more interested in sitting on my lap and sleeping than he is in rough housing. Whereas Sophie cannot get enough of playtime. Sophie is making a lot of breakthroughs. She has actually started playing with me, she will invite herself to sit beside me on the couch, she walks across streets now without the slightest hesitation, but we are still working on obedience issues. We have learned recently that Sophie has a grade two luxating patella, which means her knee cap pops out of place. Thankfully, it is just a grade two, grade four being the worst, so her knee cap only pops out occassionally. Unfortunately, when she gets older she is guaranteed to have arthritis in that knee. I still look forward to all the years we get to spend together in the meantime. She and Henry are such an added joy to our lives.

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Tiffany said...

You look great. How are you feeling?

Luke & Erin said...

whoah! You popped! You look beautiful! Thanks for the pic! I'm too impatient to wait until Sunday.

Roy Johnson said...

Time for an update with a new picture of you and maybe pictures of the house?