Drumroll Please!!!

So here is the long awaited photo everyone (actually, mainly Erin) has been begging for! I am into week seventeen by a couple of days, according to my midwife; I am not sure if that is actually true, but who cares?!! It's nice to think I am. I received two complements today from two different men. Both were surprised to find out I was sixteen weeks along and exclaimed at how little I was showing. That was nice after having two women tell me that my baby was going to be huge since I was already barely showing at twelve weeks.

On another note, Henry and Sophie seem to be getting along more and more as the days pass on. I am still having a huge issue with getting Sophie to sleep at night. She is up and down constantly. David isn't much help with enforcing the "sleep in your doggy bed" rule since he sleeps through the night pretty well. Sometimes I just give up and let the dogs sneak into bed with me.

I am also pleased to announce that Archimedes one of our koi is finally doing better. The fish store sold him to us with fin rot, though I didn't know that was what was wrong with him at the time. I thought another fish had taken a chunk out of his tail or that something had happened to him during transport. The bottom half of his tail continued to disappear as time went by until there was only about half of the bottom of his tail left. If the rot reaches the body of the fish it can die, so I was worried, considering he is my favorite fish. I am very happy to report that after just adding some aquariam salt to the tank, part of his tail is actually growing back. I am very excited about that.

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snelson's said...

eva -- you look great!!!!!!

Luke & Erin said...

Awww! You're growing a baby! You look so beautiful! I'm so excited that I'm going to be an aunt! :-) Thanks for finally posting the picture. It's neat for me to finally be able to see how you're changing.

Eva said...

I tried to get a picture of David's belly for comparison, but he didn't want to be a good sport...
Oh well, hee hee!