My Babies Are Gone

David and I took Henry and Sophie to an IG rescue yesterday. David and I both had conflicting emotions about this decision. On the one hand we both loved these dogs, maybe me a bit more so, but on the other the time and attention they required was just getting to be too much. With our second baby on the way, we both agreed that taking care of them and all the messes they made was just going to be too much for me to handle on my own. Plus, I would be too busy to give them the attention they would need.

I have been going between weepy and relieved today. I still look for them when I walk into other rooms, and expect them to be hiding in our bed or underneath a blanket somewhere. It's going to take a while for me to get used to their absence. Oh, I'm going to cry. I can't write anymore.

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Sharla Renae said...

Oh Eva, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how hard that must be. :( I had to give one of my kitties away this past fall because she was being naughty and just wouldn't use the litter box. It was very hard. I'm sure they are in a good home and will be just fine. Lilly tells me every now and then how much she misses her Henry. :(
Take Care!

Erin said...

So Sad...I think we all will miss them. Little stinkers. Well, we'll just have to replace them with some less maintenance beasts! ;-)

Roy Johnson said...

Sorry to see them go as well, but we certainly understand. Wish we could have taken them for you so they would still be in the family.

They'll another opportunity for dogs some time else down the road. Perhaps it will be time for a Vizsla then. Just be prepared to spend big bucks!

Eva said...

Yeah, I told David that getting a Viszla was now neccesary considering I was under such distress about getting rid of Henry and Sophie. I'll have to start saving up my grocery money now.