We're finally moving!!

Well, it's official...sort of...We have sold our house!!! Yea!!! We have a few final things to do before the closing, but we should be out of here on the 29th of June. I am so excited. I can't wait to see my family again!!! Plus, it's always nice to have a change. Unfortunately this change is a little more complicated than all my other moves, considering I have a pack rat for a husband and I am pregnant. It has been hard for me to adjust to moving my body differently since I now have a belly that hurts when I bend down with my legs closed. It's funny the things we take for granted. Packing has been going more slowly than I would like since my uterus really starts to hurt after a while and my abs are sore from stretching out over a bigger belly. My body is not adjusting very smoothly to pregnancy. I guess no one's really does. David hasn't been too big of a help, either, as he is distracted by the computer he just put together himself. I have to say I am pretty impressed at his computer savvy.

This pregnancy has been somewhat bittersweet for me as I feel like I am experiencing way more than a pregnant woman should, yet not getting to experience all that a woman gets to experience with her first pregnancy. Maybe once we are settled in our new apartment we can start focusing on the baby and his needs. (I only say "his" needs since I refuse to call my baby an "it".) Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have a post up of our baby's sex!! I am anxious to find out which we are having, so I can start calling the baby by name. Just a few more weeks!

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Luke & Erin said...

I don't think any woman's first pregnancy is enjoyable the way she wants to enjoy it. Hate to say it. But you guys have a lot of exciting, yet stressful stuff going on. At least you're not bored to death. It helps to keep busy because then you don't have time to sit around thinking about how slowly time is passing... :-)

snelson's said...

eva -- i COMPLETELY understand!! we are moving too and the packing is CRAZY hard! and i'm not as far as you are! and i understand what you mean about your pregnancy too. i feel that way a lot. but i guess that's how it "should" be....can't wait to find out what you're having!!!!

Luke & Erin said...

So....now you can change all your info on your blog....and maybe make the big announcement?!