Third Trimester Blues

All right, so I am now thirty-two or thirty-three weeks pregnant, depending on by which due date you are counting. David and I have been busy the past two weeks with our Childbirth Education Classes. They were interesting, but very, very, very long. David got a lot out of the classes that calmed his apprehensions about labor and delivery, so that was good.
I set up Emmaline's bassinet the mom and dad were generous enough to buy for us. (Thanks again, mom and dad!) It is beautiful, and I cannot wait to put Emmaline in it. I am becoming more and more impatient as time goes by. I was fine up until six months, but now I am just so ready for this to be over!!! Now it just seems like time is eeking by; like it wants me to savor every "precious" moment. However, I am of the impression that I am quite miserable, and Time should stop messing around and get a move on :0)
The past two weeks have been especially hard, I think mainly due to having some extra stress. The fact that I haven't been sleeping through the night doesn't help, either. I just feel exhausted, and it's hard for me to get motivated to get my daily chores done. Then this makes the day go by so much more slowly, and then the week slows down, then the month; I feel like I have been 32/33 weeks pregnant for a month! I look forward to my labor and delivery, no matter how painful, as long as this baby comes out and I can start sleeping on my back again! I guess it all makes sense; it's hard to look forward to hours of pain and discomfort when you are early on in your pregnancy. So far you are generally pretty comfortable, the baby doesn't feel like he is going to burst out of your womb at any moment. Your back doesn't hurt as much, you are able to bend over pretty easily, etc, etc, etc... Unless a woman has gone through a couple months of sleeplessness, being stretched out like a balloon, swelling, and exhaustion, not to mention being poked and prodded by whatever protruding part of her baby, she would be insane to look forward to all the hard work it takes to deliver a baby!

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Roy Johnson said...

Great to read your update and see what's going on with the three of you. But what about the house and the dawgs? We need more pictures of Henry and Sophie!

Tiffany said...

just hang in there. I know that the last 2 or 3 months seem like they're never going to end, but once the baby comes it will go faster than you can believe.

The thing that I also looked forward to after I had the baby was so sleep on my back again also. I actually had to sleep on the couch for about 7 months of the pregnancy. It was terrible.