Well, for those of you who don't already know, we have been trying to figure out what is wrong with Emmaline for about three weeks now. All of a sudden she started throwing up after eating. It began as once a day then escalated up to three times a day. I became convinced that something was wrong with my breastmilk, so David and I tried to put her on soy formula. Those were the most miserable three days of my life! I daresay Emmaline felt the same. She refused the bottle for a good while and then would throw up whatever she had managed to swallow because she would get herself so worked up. Finally, she started eating from a bottle, which went well for a few days. However, she started to throw up the formula as well.

While I had still been breastfeeding, my midwife had suggested that I give her some acidophilus. So, we went back to breastfeeding (I had been pumping while she was on formula), and I gave her a little dose of acidophilus before every feeding. So far that has been working all right.

I have eliminated all of the major food allergens from my diet in an attempt to see if it is a food allergy that upsetting her stomach so. However, the more I think about it, the more I do not believe it is a food allergen. But all the same I am still on my allergen-free diet for the sake of eliminating that as a source of the problem. This new diet is what I wish to whine about for a while, so you can either stop reading at this point or bear with me!

I am in week three of this hell! I cannot eat wheat, soy, nuts, corn, milk, eggs, pork, seafood, and chocolate. That means no ice cream, no cheese, no bread, no soda, no cookies, pretty much nothing that is processed!! What I wouldn't give for a scrumptuous piece of hard tack slathered with butter and a piece of sharp cheddar or creamy harvarti on top!! Swedes were not meant to live without dairy, I tell you!!! What's the point of living if you cannot have whipped cream, strong lattes, cheese, and ice cream? On top of that, I can only eat oatmeal for breakfast. That's it! OATMEAL!!

Unfortunately, my palette lives off of variety. Unlike my husband, who has now eaten spaghetti every night for the past week, my limit is three days in a row. There are only so many ways one can make oatmeal exciting. I want eggs and grits and sausage and pancakes!! Oh, one day...

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