Table Rock

This past Sunday we went to Table Rock State Park here in South Carolina. It is a beautiful park with lovely trails winding up a mountain, through woods and past a refreshing cool spring with waterfalls. The spring feeds the lake there, and the Park has set aside a space for swimming and diving. We had a good time swimming there. Emmaline loves the water. After a while of swimming in the deep part of the lake we sat in the shallow waters and let Emmaline splash herself silly. While there some little fish about three to four inches long came along side us and nibbled at David's legs. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Emmaline in her cute little bathing suit, nor of us swimming. Oh well. After swimming we were going to grill a couple of steaks and eat some beans along with them, which almost didn't happen. It wasn't until we had gotten ready to eat that I realized David had forgotten to pack a can opener for the beans and also had forgotten to buy plastic plates while at the grocery store. Luckily, David was plucky enough to ask a family at a neighboring picnic table if we could have three of their plates, and he just forced the can open with his grilling spatula. That man can be pretty creative and productive when he is very determined.

Upon arriving home I discovered that the dogs had plotted to get back at us for not taking them with us by unraveling hundreds of yards of my yarn. Oh, how I love my dogs. The next morning Emmaline decided to help me unravel the rest. I guess she thought, "Well, you can't put it all back together til it's all apart, right?". Hee hee!

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