A Visit to Conestee Park

We went for a short jaunt over to Lake Conestee Nature Park this afternoon. The park consists of four or five really nice trails. They are all paved or boarded, depending on the terrain, and mostly shaded. It was lovely.

Ian got a big kick out of "inspecting" the yellow poles that were on either side of the boardwalks. He would laugh as he patted them, then jibber jabber about something or other. Emmaline actually walked most of the way, instead of lazing about in the stroller. I showed her a leaf that was suspended in midair (she didn't notice the string of spider web holding it up), and picked a flower for her. She picked up a pinecone (a porcupine, as she calls them), and David picked a blade of grass that had gone to seed for her. She had a nice collection by the time we were done.

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