When my Farmor passed away, and my Uncles thought they would not be able to find condos in time to keep most of the things they had collected here in the US, David "inherited" a windsurfing kit from my Uncle Les. He used the surfboard and sail all of one time, I think, before losing one of the fins. (The exact fin that my Uncle Les warned "Do not lose that fin, without it you cannot do anything.") Since moving to South Carolina the board and sail have sat unused in one of our sheds, unfortunately, due to the lack of water nearby and a lack of time on David's part. However, when the "great blizzard" hit this past week, David was struck with inspiration. He found a new use for his surfboard. Here it is!

So Uncle Les, now you can see it is being put to good use!

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Eva & Les said...

Great that you guys found some good use for the sailboard.
Put runners under that thing with the sail and you got an ice-yacht.
Uncle Les