David the Handyman

Here is another opportunity for me to share with you what a wonderful husband I have!

This past Friday David spent most of the day working on the house. I can't believe how much he was able to get done in one day!

I have been pestering him for about a month now, and he has put up with it pretty well, for a new kitchen faucet. Our old, not so pretty, not so functioning faucet

has been leaking for at least half a year. You couldn't turn the nozzle without water spraying everywhere, and you had to have the handle just right or water would spray everywhere. Lots of water everywhere.

My great and wonderful sport of a Dad has replaced a certain part in this faucet almost every time he's been here to visit, with the exception of the last two times (I think he'd finally given in, either that or he just didn't have the time). So this new faucet is for both me and him....and for David. This way he doesn't have to hear me say, "I'm really getting sick of walking on water!" Or, "Look at that puddle coming out of the cabinets". Or, "You're going to have to replace the cabinets as well as the faucet if this doesn't get fixed soon!".

Isn't she a beauty?!!

And look! She even came with her own little soap pump on the side!

So, he got a new faucet installed, aaannndd he also installed a new light over the kitchen sink.

And, he put up new sliding doors on our linen closet in the hallway. We were using a curtain rod and curtains to cover it up, so David had to frame the doorway, install the railings for the slides and get the doors together, plus put up trim. I really can't believe he was able to achieve all of this in one day. He can be so determined!

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