Something Has Died....

under my house and it is stinking up my kitchen.

David just put drywall putty all over the bottom of the cabinet under my stove to help keep the stink out.

Not much more to be said, I'm afraid; other than we both are going to be jumping for joy when we sell this place! The space between the bottom of the house and the ground is too narrow to maneuver around easily, so retrieving the decomposing whatever-it-is might be an impossibility. Yay.....

Onto a more productive note: I dyed a hank of yarn for my dad today.

It's going to be knit into a pair of socks, eventually...

For those of you who don't know (and it won't be surprising if it's a lot of you, since I don't really write about it here), I knit as a hobby and dye yarn to sell in my etsy shop. You can read more about my knitting and dyeing exploits on the blog I share with my sis.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year, by the way!

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