Happy Fourth of July, Belatedly!

As the parents of three children 4 years old and younger, David and I didn't anticipate doing too much yesterday.  Add to that the fact that our two boys decided to be absolutely miserable yesterday and you get a recipe for staying home.  So we didn't do much of anything except this...

The trickle of blood you may have noticed on poor Viggo's noggin is a result of brotherly testosterone levels, I'm hoping.  After taking pictures of Emmaline and Ian my camera battery died so I walked inside to charge it.  A minute later I return to the back door only to hear two little boys wailing at the top of their lungs.  David then related the story to me of how Ian had decided he would throw a rock, and its trajectory just happened to coincide with the location of Viggo's forehead.  Viggo was therefore crying out of pain and Ian was bawling at the discipline that had been meted out to him.  Fun times, fuuunnnnn times!

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