Craft Thursday

We have assigned Thursday as our official craft day, and today was our first day making a craft.

I found this wonderful book at an also wonderful used book store (Mr. K's).

Given the fact that while I can create almost anything as long as I am given direction, I am not a creatively imaginative person when it comes to crafts for kids.  This book is my new saving grace!

We created the first craft out of the book today.  Can you guess what it's going to be?

I'll give you two hints....

Here they are finished...

They're little trees!  I thought this was so cute and ingenious...some pipe cleaner and buttons, that's all, and you've got trees!  You're supposed to attach safety pins in the middle so the kids can pin them to their shirts and such, however, my children aren't quite at the "I can trust you with safety pins" stage, so they just get to enjoy them as is.

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