We're having a GIRL

Doom and trouble are looming on the horizon!! Another "Johnson" girl is being born into this world!! Everyone don't panic, just find a place to hide for the next twenty years. Hopefully by then she'll have become a rational, independent person and we won't have to worry about her anymore! YEAH RIGHT!!!

I know technically my little daughter is a "Farina", but since the Johnson blood and traits, as we all know, are more dominant, she is going to be a "Johnson" girl at heart. And that means nothing but trouble! Poor David won't know what hit him.

The ultrasound experience was amazing. It was so neat to see my little baby moving around inside my womb, and for once in my life I could actually tell what exactly I was looking at. I have seen so many ultrasound printouts of my nieces and nephew, and of other babies, and all I have ever seen are black and white blobs. Even looking now at some of my ultrasound printouts, I have no clue what part of the baby is being viewed. Thank goodness for the 3-D printouts!!

David and I still haven't been able to decide on a name. I am still stuck on Addelaide, or as Erin suggested, Addeline, though I haven't been able to come up with a middle name to go along. (Any suggestions are welcome!) David likes Abigail (which I think is a very cute name, but I just don't get that "That's it!!" feeling, plus Amber, Ava, and Andrew already have a cousin named Abigail) plus he likes all those boring names that every other kid in America has. I just can't bring myself to do it. Growing up, I loved the fact that my name was pretty uncommon. Although it did annoy me that people could never pronounce my name correctly, I never wished my parents had given me a different name. Maybe my child will feel differently, but when she is eighteen she can change her name to whatever she wants!! For now, I would rather have a good reason for picking a not-so-often-heard-of name over just picking a plain Jane name because my child will be picked on, or no one will be able to pronounce it. I say, if people couldn't get Eva right, and that really is quite a simple name, even if it is unique, then anything slightly different is going to be hard, so I may as well go all the way!!

On another note, I was very excited on Monday that I got to see my brand new nephew Andrew. I was disappointed that I wasn't there for the birth, but I was still elated that I got to see him and Erin a couple of hours after the delivery. It was so neat to hold Andrew, who is incredibly tiny considering the amount of room he was taking up in Erin's womb. Thank goodness he came early! Andrew inaugurated me as his Auntie by peeing on me within five minutes of picking him up; he also had his first poop while I was holding him. Ahhhh...the things I get to look forward to!! Anyhow, welcome to the world little Andrew!!!

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Luke & Erin said...

Well, you seem to just bring these things out in my children.... :-) I couldn't be more happy about having a new neice - no matter what her name is!