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5 random/wierd things about me:
1. I am O.C. when it comes to order. Every little thing has to be in its place. Unfortunately, I spend so much time finding a place for everything that nothing gets put away!

2. An example of my O.C.: I arrange my closet shirts first by length of sleeve then by color (according to ROY G BIV), then skirts arranged by length and color, then pants arranged the same way.

3. When I am in an especially goofy mood I will sort of prance and skip at the same time instead of walking. It embarrasses the heck out of David when I do this in public, so I make sure to be as close to him as possible while doing this! ;0)

4. I have my mother's desire for cleanliness and order, but somehow she forgot to give me her initiative as well!

5. I have my father's looks, my mother's patience (at least I think I do), and am proud of the Johnson attribute of being slightly outspoken. Hee hee

Top 5 Places List
1. Estes Park, Colorado - David and I went there for our honeymoon. It was my first exposure to heavy snowfall. We hiked a lot and just had a blast!

2. Sweden - The place of my forefathers and just a beautiful country all around!

3. Italy - Home of David's ancestors; we would both like to go explore the countryside.

4. China and Japan - I would love to avoid the big cities and visit the old monestaries and pagodas. Their architecture is so neat to me.

5. Home - After a day of running errands and being caught up in the throng of people, there is just nothing like coming back to the solitude and quiet of home. And like Erin said, home isn't exactly MY house, but where my heart is, and my heart is where my family is.

No one. I don't really know anyone else with a blog besides Mom and Dad. Maybe I'll try to get them to do this since they finally have internet access.

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