I just wanted to take the time to post an update. I haven't much been in the mood for writing, and have had so many other things to do that I haven't had time either.

is teething. I noticed that she has already cut one tooth and has at least two more trying to come through. Her first tooth I noticed around ten weeks.

has started sleeping through the night. Every other day or so she will sleep til 5:30 or 6. Hallelujah!

is outgrowing her 0-3 months clothing and moving into 3-6 months apparel. Today is her three month birthday! Yea! She coos and talks up a storm! So far our conversations consist of "ercu", "goo", "ahgoo", "hey", "hi", "help" (the last three rarely come out, and I am sure it is pure chance. However, it is still very odd to hear words from her!), "boo", and "ahboo", among other various gurglings.

is working like crazy remodeling our laundry room and making a dining room table for us. So far neither project is done, but he is very good at completing what he starts.

I am floundering around trying to make this house into a home and failing miserably! Oh well, I am sure eventually things will settle into a form of normalcy for us all. At least, that is what I hope.

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Roy Johnson said...

Keep plugging away on the house . . . it will get better, and by the time you are ready to sell it, you will have created a fantastic home. Just look at what your older sister is doing!