All grown up and eating solids!!!

We started giving Emmaline solid foods about a week ago for a number of reasons. She is able to sit up with support, she is refusing to take her evening nap therefor staying up with us through dinner and she will just sit there and watch David's fork going from plate to mouth! It's actually quite humorous to watch.

Today she figured out that she can suck the food off her spoon, and in attempting to do so actually ends up blowing a lot of it off the spoon, but she is actually trying to eat the food now. Before she would turn her head this way and that, trying to pay attention to anything but the food, now she actually bends her head down trying to get to the spoon. I am so proud!!

Also on a good note, Emmie is trying to roll over when she is lying on her stomach. Most of the time she will just lie there and cry until I turn her over, but the past two times she has had "tummy time" she has actually made a conscious effort to turn herself over. She has only turned herself over once when she was about a month old. I don't know how she did, David and I completely missed it, as we were trying to clean up our apartment and were walking from room to room. All of the sudden it got really quiet, and we realized Emmaline wasn't crying anymore. When I went to investigate I found her on her back!

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