Well...why not?

Since I seem to be on a streak tonight, I figured I should update everyone on the status of my loverly diet and Emmaline's vomitting.

Emmaline is completely fine!! I found out last Monday (not this past Monday) that Emmaline was just getting a slight touch of constipation. This was enough to make her back up and eventually spew. So, I have found out that rice, potatoes and cooked carrots are some of the main culprits. Unfortunately, while I was on my demon allergen-free diet I was still eating the afore mentioned foods so my diet wasn't working. Thank God He finally showed us what was going on! No more acedophilus, no more diet!!!!!!!!

On a sad note, since I have had to go so long without sweets, especially chocolate, and coffee, I can no longer eat or drink very much before getting a stomach ache. Oh well, you win some you lose some...

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snelson's said...

ok - i'm on the cloth wipe bandwagon too. what solution do you use? i made one for now out of 1/2 cup baby oil, 1/2 cup baby wash, 2 cups water but i dont think i'll stay with it. #1) its a wash that i had sitting around the house so i didnt have to go out tonight and #2) its not my favorite (not natural). so what do you use??

Eva said...

Hey Jill,
I use Diaper Lotion Potion concentrate from Kissaluvs right now. It has jojoba, tea tree, and lavender oils infused with chamomile. I just use a squirt or two with some distilled water (I don't really measure out the water). It smells really nice, but one of the oils (I suspect the tea tree oil) irritates Emmaline's skin if too much comes into contact with it. I will probably try something else once I use up the rest of this concentrate.