Family Drama

OK, so I haven't posted anything in a while due to a lot of stuff going on. Here's the dish:

David's uncle Dino moved up from DeFuniak Springs, FL two weeks ago, along with his beautiful cat Bosco, then almost a week later David's mother moved up from Tampa, FL. Everybody has been here for about a week and during that time we talked together and searched for someplace for Dino and Lucia to stay. This aforementioned search has been somewhat complicated by the fact that Dino has no ID nor does he have the documents in order to get an ID. We've been trying unsuccessfully to find a quick way to get an ID for him, but things haven't quite turned out as planned. Then today Dino announced that he no longer plans on moving into an apartment with Lucia, but is going to move up to Erie, Pennsylvania instead, where most of the rest of the Farina family live.

So now we are switching gears and looking for a way to move Dino's stuff up north and also find an apartment for Lucia. Let's see how all this goes. It may be a while before I surface again.

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