OK, so another reason why I haven't posted an update in a while is because I have been tackling the bears that are my outdoor planters. The planter running along side the brick sidewalk to our house was relatively easy. It just had some monkey grass that needed to be dug up. The other planter however was beastly. It was hug and completely over run with monkey grass, grass and weeds, plus an azalea and who knows how many rocks and roots. I tried to dig up as much dirt as I could to mix with the potting soil I had purchased, which turned out to be ok with the smaller planter. However, once I started digging out dirt on the larger planter, I realized I had gotten myself way in over my head. Unfortunately, I had already bought the rose bushes, and they were on their way to dying, so I had to get it done. Another unfortunately, I didn't find out until after I had already mixed in the soil that I had both not purchased enough potting soil nor dug out enough of the original soil. It took me one day to get the smaller planter done and about three weeks to finish the larger. Technically I am still not finished because I need to put compost down, but all the plants are in, so, for my own sense of accomplishment, I am considering that finished!!

I guess I should mention that the plants in the small planter are different types of coleus and two potato vines. The large planter has two Belinda's Dream roses on the outside and a shrub rose called La Marne in the middle.

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Luke & Erin said...

that looks really nice! I'm impressed! so when you coming to my house????

Eva said...

When I recover from this house. Maybe by the time I'm fifty?