Picnics in the Park

We drive into Greenville almost every Sunday to attend our church. I have always thought it a shame we don't take advantage of already being in the city and go to Falls Park in downtown Greenville. It is such a beautiful park. By Sunday, though we have usually spent our "fun" money on something else, so we can't go out to eat after church. I came up with a genious solution to this problem by preparing a picnic before leaving the house. Now I am trying to start a Farina family tradition of picnicking in the park during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Although, this past Sunday was beastly hot, so we will not be going again 'til it gets out of the 90's. We usually finish off our picnic with some ice cream from Spill the Beans. By the end of it all we are all pooped and ready for a nap, but all in all it does make for a relaxing day.

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Tiffany said...

wow, it's still in the 90's by you! Our high these days has been in the low 70's and it's been getting down to 60's at night. It's wonderful. I wish it could stay this temperature all year round!!

Eva said...

Hey, same here! We love it when it starts to get cooler!