Week 7

Well, I made it through the day today without a nap, but I'm fading quickly. Still, that's pretty good, considering how last week was going. I felt a lot better nauseous wise today. I wasn't as bloated today. Yea! I had yogurt for breakfast, and I am wondering if that was what helped. So far I seem to crave cold, fresh food, such as frozen fruit and yogurt smoothies, pears and peanut butter, salads, so forth and so on. I have a strong aversion to anything sweet. Pretty much the same things I lived on while pregnant with Emmaline.

My sister asked me if I was dreading this labor at the end of this pregnancy because of the labor experience I had with Emmaline, and I told her, "No". However, I woke up last night in a drowzy panic, remembering my labor and realizing I might have to go through the same harrowing experience. Then I got up this morning and read a portion of the book I have been reading with my sisters and mother called "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. (Any Christian woman reading this now, I would highly recommend you check out this book!) The passage I read today was about how God's grace is sufficient. God's grace is sufficient for every circumstance, and if we would only accept the difficulties we experience as a chance to become better, a chance to shine God's grace, we might actually enjoy the difficulties. God never brings us to a point in our lives where His grace is not sufficient for the task ahead. That is very reassuring, isn't it?

I cried as I read that, knowing that God had seen my fears and apprehensions and He used that book and authoress to speak to my heart and reassure my soul. Labor will be hard, but I have so much to look forward to, before and after. I get to experience the joy of feeling life move around in my womb; I get the distinct privilege to get to know our child before he/she is even born; I get to bond with my child and watch his/her personality unfold after birth. God has blessed me with another opportunity to be "Mother". What an honor!

(Plus, I'm praying that God will make this labor and delivery completely different than Emmaline's!)

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Erin said...

I'm so glad you're not feeling sick all the time!