Just wanted to update everyone on some of Emmaline's accomplishments. As I have written before she is walking now. She walks all over the house, getting into anything and everything! She has gotten three of her four molars in, and also her fourth bottom front tooth. Just waiting on the cuspids now, and the last molar.

Emmaline also talks up a storm, although we can't understand most of it yet. She is able to say "up, please and down, please". The please sounds more like "lee", but at least she is trying! She also surprised us this past Sunday by repeatedly telling us her name! "Mi-mi" is sometimes her name now, but she still gets "Emmy" quite successfully. I think she may also be figuring out how to say the worst word of them all, "NO!" Soon we'll have trouble!

Emmy can also say "Bye, bye", "Da-da" and "Mama". She, amazingly, has figured out how to say "Mama" just like an Italian, and she only says it that way when she is upset with me. Is it just a coincidence? Who knows?

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Tiffany said...

We need some update pics of her too! Great to hear how she's doing though. I can't believe how many words she can say already. Lucas will be 21 months on feb 24th and can only say mama and dada, uh-oh, no, hi and recently starting saying blue. He understands and knows everything that we say to him but mostly he just responds in babble.

Eva said...

I know, I need to get some pictures of her. However, a friend of mine is holding my camera hostage. I'm waiting for her to send it back....arrrrrrr!!!