Midwife Visit

OK, so I went to see my midwife today. Unfortunately, the visit was marred by the fact that I discovered her rates have gone up almost $1000, which sent me into shock for a few minutes. After reviving myself, I finished filling out paperwork and went back to see Amy (my midwife).

Amy, Carrie (the new midwife), and I discussed my LMP, which led to a bit of confusion, figured out the due date and how far along I am. Then Amy had Carrie measure my stomach, because Amy has damaged her wrist somehow. As soon as I lifted up my shirt to expose my belly Amy exclaimed, "You look like your 16 to 18 weeks pregnant! You're already showing!" (Ahhh..."every pregnancy is different"...I'm beginning to hate that phrase) And after measuring my belly, she determined that I am actually measuring up to be about 16 to 17 weeks pregnant. "Let's see what your ultrasound says." So, I guess I will have to wait to see how the beano measures up when I have an ultrasound done!

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which was very nice to hear. It's always reassuring to me at this point in time when I can't feel the baby moving to know that I'm not just getting fat and bloated, that there really is a live baby growing inside me. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as nice as it was when I got to hear Emmaline's. When I got to hear Emmaline's heart beating for the first time David and I were relaxed on a couch at home with my midwife in Florida, and everything was peaceful. This time around, it took a while for Carrie to find beano #2, and by the time she had, Emmaline was a disaster and wanted to be included in on the fun. So she was placed beside me on the examining table thingy, and proceeded to distract me by throwing herself at me. Therefor, it was hard for me to actually pay attention to the beano's heart beat. Ahhhhh....the joys of motherhood. I really do love having Emmaline around, even if it means I don't get to enjoy everything I want.

I can't wait to have this baby!! I'm so excited!

Also, I forgot to ask Amy, so I ended up talking to Carrie about my labor with Emmaline. After Emmaline broke my water, I didn't feel any contractions; so I wanted to know if that was normal, and if it was likely to be the same this time around. To which Carrie replied, "Yes" to both questions. Bummer..... Although, she said I was fortunate to not have actually experienced the pain of hard labor contractions. For some reason, that was not reassuring...

Oh well!! I'm going back to my mantra of "God's Grace is sufficient!" I am slowly learning to rely on Him to provide for me, and I trust in Him to get me through another labor and delivery. Praise the Lord I made it through the first one! Ha ha!

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