Week 22

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything about the pregnancy. I promise I will have a belly picture up soon!

There is, of course, some dispute over the naming of our boy. For many reasons that shall remain unmentioned here, I am partial to the name Ephraim Nathaniel. David, however, is not. So, I've told him for now it is up to him to find a suitable replacement. And, of course, so far none has been found. Hopefully we can come to an agreement soon, as I am tired of saying, "the baby", or "our little boy".

I am getting a lot of the same remarks that I got with Emmaline regarding the size of my belly. Most people react this way when finding out how far along I am, "Wow, you're so small to be that far along", etc.... Part of me thinks it just has to do with my wardrobe. Most of my clothes aren't skin tight, so it's harder to see just how much my belly pokes out. However, do not think me ungrateful for these remarks. It is always a little reassuring to hear that I am small, not for fear of my figure, but for fear of having to deliver a very large baby!

Ephraim, as he shall be known until we settle on a name, is a lot different than Emmaline. He is so much more gentle. He moves so softly within my womb, yet he is almost always active. Whereas Emmaline would kick and punch me so hard you would see my belly poke out at odd angles randomly, but she would only do that a few times a day. (Once I got further along with Emmaline, though, it seemed like she was constantly trying to break free of my uterus by elbowing her way through my abdomen.) It will be interesting to see how Ephraim is once things become a little more cramped. So far he seems to be a lot more patient and content with Emmaline. I hope that doesn't mean he's going to take his time coming into this world!!

I haven't gained much weight at this point in time, and there aren't too many other things to complain about, thankfully. However, the separation of my abdominal muscles has already started hurting, which I may have made worse by carrying in Emmaline's toddler bed last week. I just couldn't contain my excitement. I have been trying to go for walks whenever I can and they seem to help with the pain a bit. I can't think of much else to write about, other than I am just ready to have Ephraim's room all organized and ready for him to stay in. That is something else in the works. Oh well!!! It will get done eventually!

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