Toddler Bed Blues

I went to a large consignment sale today where someone just happened to be selling a very lovely wooden toddler bed frame. I decided to snatch it up. David has been working on refinishing the head and footboard we got from the Goodwill store, but he is nowhere close to being done. Out of kindness to my belly and back I got this other toddler bed.

Tonight is Emmaline's first night in her new grown up girl bed. She loved the fact that she could climb in and out of it with ease, and viewed the bed as her newest toy. She went to sleep pretty easily. However, when I went in an hour later to check on how she was doing she was on the floor, lying on her stomach with her head resting on the pillow I had placed beside her bed to break her fall. She never emitted a peep! I was so proud, but now I am wondering just how hard it is going to be to get her used to sleeping in a new bed. I guess I'll see where she is tomorrow morning...

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Jacquelynn said...

Well...she either ended up in the bed again...or under the bed. Which was it? If you could attach a picture or two, her Morfar and Mormor would like to see her new resting place.