Emmaline's Meltdowns

Last Saturday was just a series of meltdowns for Emmaline. Everything upset her and neither David nor I could figure out what was making her so moody. After finally getting fed up with her whininess I told her, "Emmaline, go to your room and take a chill pill!" Which, much to our surprise, she promptly did. She ran to her room and came back a few minutes later much calmer. I thought this absolutely hilarious!

Last night David was giving Emmaline a bath, which she really enjoys until it comes to getting her hair wet. She whined and cried and fussed while David laid her down to rinse out her hair. When he pulled her back up she immediately stopped fussing and in her most angelicly sweet voice said, "All done!" I also found this hilarious! She can turn it on and turn it off just as quickly!

Here are some not too recent pictures of Emmaline. I didn't realize I hadn't posted them up yet.

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