The Irony of It All

Today we ventured out in the cold and wind for a break from home. We went to the library, where I discovered they have a Muzzy series for Italian. I grabbed that promptly and checked it out. I have often thought that it is a shame David and I don't know either one of our ancestral languages, and what a perfect opportunity for learning another language since David is at home after having been laid off. I hope this Muzzy series will at least teach Emmaline something of Italian, and we will maybe pick up stuff along the way.

I also grabbed this book,
which was very cute. I shall have to look for more of the books in this series. Simple and short, and has enough going on in the pictures to keep a two-year old occupied. This would also be a good book for children older than two, as they could appreciate the humor a little more.

After the library, we went out to dinner at a cozy little pizza place called Bellacino's. The pizza was delish! The ironic part of tonight took place before we got our pizza, though. Emmaline was sitting beside me, drinking out of my cup (which had a lid on it). She had two straws in the cup , one of which she would pull out, lick the droplet of liquid off from the bottom then insert back into the cup. This annoyed David to no end (didn't bother me really as it was keeping her out of trouble and quiet), though I am sure he was just worried about her tipping it over, spilling it and making a big mess in general. He told her to stop or he would take away the cup. A few minutes later Emmaline started to grab the straws and tip the cup over, just slightly, and, in David's haste to grab the cup from her, he knocked over his cup (which did not have a lid on it), spilling his drink directly into my lap. Oh, the irony. Not to toot my own horn, here, but David sure should be thankful that he has a wife that can appreciate irony instead of making a big scene. I just started laughing. Even now it brings a smile to my face and makes me chuckle to think of it. One day he'll learn to leave well enough alone. For now Emmaline and I shall try to bear through this adjustment period. David still has a lot to figure out about staying at home all day with kids. Not as easy or as ideal as he once pictured it!

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