A New Addition to the Family

As many of you already know, I am pregnant again. As many of you also know, I was not planning on having any more children of my own. God had other plans.

I took a pregnancy test almost two weeks ago. I spent that whole Monday in complete and total shock. I spent the rest of that week in complete and total shock, as well as rolling in my own pit of self-pity. I dreaded going to church that Sunday, because I knew I was going to have to talk to people about it. Pregnancy is not something I enjoy talking about, especially eight months after having just been delivered of one.

All in all, I was being very ungrateful, and I knew it. So, I asked God to give me a better attitude about things. And you know what? He did!! I woke up the following Monday feeling somewhat better about being pregnant again, and, as the week progressed, I found myself actually enjoying the thought of having another baby. I have even come so far as to think that I may want to have four. Crazy!!

You may think that is an awfully big leap for a person to make, given the fact that she absolutely, positively, so assuredly did not want to get pregnant again that she threw away an expensive piece of gear that is now going to have to be repurchased. But let me explain. The point was that I NEVER wanted to be pregnant again, so, now that is totally out the window, why not shoot for one more?

All that said, I still have to make it through this pregnancy...we'll see where God leads us after this.

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