So, It's Been a Long Time

I have been in my own sort of slight personal hell. Nothing serious, just a mild bit of depression and stress. I thought I had come to grips with this pregnancy, but I was apparently mistaken.

Truly, I do believe I am over the worst of it now. I really am excited about this next baby. I've even come up with some names I like. I told David that there was no question what we are going to name our baby if we have a girl, Adelaide. Love, love, love that name. I wanted to name our Emmaline that, but to no avail. I told David he could have free reign if we are having a boy, but I have come to like the name Erik. Not sure if it will be the final champion. I don't think David gets super serious about name-picking 'til the last month, which is unacceptable for a pregnant woman. Pregnant women like to be able to call their baby by something other than "Baby". At least, I do.

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