A Visit to the Beach

I can't believe it was two months ago that we went to Lake Keowee, and I still hadn't posted the pics here. Sorry about the oversight. David had been craving a water trip for quite a while. He really wanted to visit Lake Jocassee, which covers an actual town. There are still buildings under water that can be explored while scuba diving. Lake Jocassee was a bit further north than we wanted to go, so he settled for Lake Keowee instead. Both lakes were former rivers that have been dammed.

It was a beautiful warm day for the middle of February. The water was a bit warmer than expected, but it was still pretty chilly. However, the children were able to play in it for quite a while before their lips took on a bluish tint. Viggo, much to his disappointment, was laid down for a nap in his car carrier. He didn't approve of our decision and staid awake instead.

Emmaline had fun filling her pail up with sand and water, and looking for "treasure". Her treasure consisted of: one pinecone, one shell, a pink rock, and a small dead fish. All of which she managed to lose within two minutes of finding. Typical Emmaline. I wasn't as saddened as she at the loss of the fish.

Ian was content to wander off and explore, much to David's exasperation. David was usually the one off chasing him.

David and I got to toss a frisbee back and forth for a while. It was fun to get to play again. Then David tried to get Emmaline to build a sand castle with him, but she just wanted to keep the sand in her pail. Who knows what goes on in her head.

At one point in time two Canada geese came over to mooch. One of them took exception to our lack of food and decided to hiss at Emmaline. He was within a foot of her; I was surprised by how close they were willing to get to us. When the goose continued to hiss and sneak closer to Emmie, I grabbed one of the kids' pails which was filled with sand in case I needed it and faced it down. I don't like geese. Big birds scare me. Pretty pathetic, huh? Ha ha!

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