Well, let's face it: it's been a while, three whole years in fact, since I've bothered to post anything on here.  I won't apologize.  I've been busy figuring out how in the world I am going to successfully homeschool three children every day, ALL day!  Well, maybe not all day, every day, but there are some days when that is all that I achieve.  I get my kids schooled and they have eaten three healthy meals, but they may or may not have gotten changed out of their pajamas. It doesn't sound exhausting, but let me tell you, it is mentally and emotionally draining for yours truly.  At the end of the day there simply wasn't enough computing power left in my brain for putting together anything remotely worth reading.

As happens with all children, mine have aged and become a bit more independent and self-sufficient, leaving me with enough resources to press on.  However, this does not guarantee I will post consistently.  I have noticed over time that I tend to be anti-social during the winter months, so don't be surprised if I go into "hibernation" again!

That's all for now.  I'll be sharing more of what I've been up to in the past three years later.

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