So the past four weeks I have kind of lost my mind. I have been trying to get used to my new schedule and adjusting to the fact that my time is no longer all my own. Now that I have finally accepted that last fact, I am beginning to settle down. Things with Emmaline are going a lot better. I dreaded nursing during the first week or so, but now it's not so bad. Emmaline was a really sleepy eater, and it took her half an hour to forty-five minutes just to feed fully on one breast. Now she is actually timing in at ten to fifteen minutes. Thank goodness!

Emmaline is really starting to fill out now. I look at the pictures of her right after she was born and am amazed. Her preemie diapers were HUGE on her; now she has graduated out of those and the newborn diapers into a mixture of the disposable diapers Erin gave me and her cloth diapers. So far we have only tried two of the different cloth diapers I have purchased. We will see which one works best for her.

Emmaline's eyes are still a bluish gray, and she has broken out with acne which is now starting to clear up. She has smiled at me a couple of times; I'm pretty sure she wasn't gassy at the time. She has the cutest little half laugh/half sigh that she does when she is about to sneeze but doesn't. It almost sounds like a cooing laugh. Adorable!!

Emmaline is now almost five weeks old, and David and I were a bit taken aback at how quickly time has gone by. We are both thankful that there have been no signs of a GBS infection, as the critical weeks were the first four. We continue to pray that God will continue to watch over her health.

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Luke & Erin said...

Grow baby, Grow! She's getting so big & looks oh so cuddly in all of those pictures. Man - I just wanna kiss her all over those cheeks!!!

Luke & Erin said...

Ok...just noticed & had to comment....your posting date is wrong. it says dec. 1st & you posted this yesterday, dec. 10th. weird....

Tiffany said...

Glad to hear things are going well and I love to see the pics. She is so adorable. I love her crazy
hair-do!! I can't wait to see some more recent pics of her.