Our New Home

We have finally moved into our house. We moved in with the help of Luke and Erin Thanksgiving weekend; Amber and Ava helped too! While I have been busy with Emmaline, David has been busy fixing this and installing that. So far he has fixed the shower, toilet, and sink in the hallway bathroom, knocked down a brick column, installed our stove, added breakers, installed water lines for the washer, added wiring and installed an outlet for the dryer, built a cabinet for our oven, added new wiring and installed the oven, and installed a new water heater all on his own! I am so proud! Now the only thing I would really like is a furnace to heat the place!!! David thinks I am just a big wuss, but the house gets so cold. All we have are baseboard heaters, and he doesn't want to use any of them besides the one in our bedroom. I have been walking around in my thickest, warmest jacket, and have had to invest in some nice thick sweaters. Poor Emmaline has been mostly confined to our bedroom due to the cold. We have had some warmer days, though, so she has actually spent some time in the living room with us while she was awake. Woo hoo!!

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