David's Birthday

OK, so it's not perfect, but I thought I did a pretty good job making this cake from scratch. David said he wanted a Black Forest cake for his birthday, so I had to rush out and buy the ingredients. I was a very bad wife and forgot that his birthday was coming up so soon. He forgave me enough to eat some of my cake, though, so I guess I'm not in too much trouble.

On another note, I got to talk to my parents really for the first time since Emmaline was born. I got to talk to my mom on the phone the weekend after Emmaline was born, but the phone cut out after only a minute or two of talking. It was so nice to hear their voices and talk to them! Mom even sang a lullaby to Emmaline who was stirring in her sleep, starting to wake up. She went right back to sleep just as soon as she heard my mom's voice. I just broke down crying; it made me so happy yet so terribly sad to hear my mom speaking to Emmaline. It just broke my heart that my parents aren't here to hold her and cuddle her as I know they are anxious to do. I miss them so much, and I miss them on behalf of Emmaline. I struggled the rest of the day with a mild case of depression, yet I was elated to have been able to speak with them!

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Luke & Erin said...

The cake looks really good! You do better than me & I even took classes!