Goings On

We went to my sister's house this weekend. It was a lovely time together. I hadn't seen my two sisters since Ian was born and both my brothers-in-law had yet to see Ian in person. We left Friday morning, and got to spend time with my other sister Elin and her husband Rod on Saturday. We also had an impromptu birthday celebration for Elin, as we weren't sure if we were going to see her soon before or after her birthday. Both Erin and I presented her with the present we had knitted for her. I knitted a scarf and Erin knitted a shawl for her. It was so nice to be away from home and feel like we were on some sort of vacation. It was also a lot less stressful this time around, too, now that both sets of kids are getting older. Emmaline had a fun time with her cousins, but she and Andrew would get into tiffs quite often. Poor Andrew wanted to play with her, but she would just scream at him and wave her hands around. Or Emmaline would want to play with his trains or cars, and Andrew would scream at her. We listened to quite a bit of screaming this weekend. Andrew and Emmaline, though, would always have fun playing together on the bed in Erin and Luke's guest bedroom. Here are some videos and pictures from this weekend!

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