Here's a video of Ian cooing and laughing. Lately Ian has been sleeping through the night, but for about the last month he had been getting up at 3:30 every morning. When I would go to change his diaper he would lay on his changing pad and just squirm and laugh. He would always let out a loud squeal of delight too. He started doing it last evening while I was changing his diaper, so I decided to get a video of it. Maybe later on I can get a better one.

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Jacquelynn said...

What a cute and chunky little fellow! He's growing up way too fast, he needs to wait until Mormor and Morfar can get there to love on him.

Peaches 'N Purls said...

Wow - he's changed so much. He is sooo big! Love it! Can't wait to kiss those fat cheeks! And his eyes are so big. He's going to be sooo handsome.