Emmaline's Hair Cut

So, here's my abysmally horrid attempt at a haircut. It's awful!

David declared this morning that Emmaline should have her hair cut. So I grabbed my scissors and set to work. I probably should have stopped at the first cut and just taken her somewhere............but, I didn't. I was aiming for a length that would be just below her chin. I obviously did not notice that Emmaline's head was slightly tilted. To add to that factor, right in the middle of the cut I was making, Emmaline jerked her head. I couldn't stop in time, so a chunk of her hair was way shorter than the rest. Should have just stopped there.............but, I didn't. Of course, that meant I had to cut the rest of her hair that length.

There are a few ways I can think of to make this a somewhat attractive hairstyle, but I am afraid that if I keep messing with it, it will just keep getting worse. Should just take her somewhere. Would David be willing to pay for that? Probably not.....

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