House Gnomes: Finally Captured on Film

House Gnomes

A sub-genus of gnomes known to have left the usual gardens and forests for the finer comforts of a warm house. This sub-genus is also known for causing mischief and wreaking havoc in the homes they infiltrate by pilfering items and hiding them elsewhere, making huge messes in the blink of the eye, and all while remaining unseen. One may catch brief glimpses of them in one's peripheral vision. The likelihood of actually sighting a house gnome is slight, though many claim to have seen them.

I have known for some time that there is at least one house gnome in my kitchen. I first started to wonder if I might have a house gnome problem when certain kitchen items of mine would constantly disappear and reappear elsewhere. My house gnome seems to prefer baking items such as, tablespoon measurers, rolling pins, cookie sheets, and cooling racks. Sometimes my oven mitts disappear for a while. I'm still missing a cookie sheet and oven mitt. Just waiting for them to show up again...who knows when that will be.

Well, to my surprise, I walked into my kitchen this morning and actually sighted TWO house gnomes! One was trying to make off with my tongs; I guess the other was the lookout. I had to chase them around the kitchen in order to get pictures, but I finally have proof!! I wasn't able to capture them in order to interrogate them as to the whereabouts of my missing articles, but at least I got this.

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