Week 37

I know I am way overdue for posting belly photos, so here they are.

This one is to give a better view of the little cardigan my sister knit! Isn't it pretty. She had originally knit it for herself, but something didn't work out (not sure what). Now it's mine! Isn't it cute? Thanks, Erin!

I'm due for another appointment this Tuesday to get the results back from my second GBS test. Obviously, I'm hoping it comes back negative. As, I've reported before, I've been extremely exhausted the past couple of weeks, so much so, that even my midwife noticed. I didn't think it was that obvious...anyhow, she got the results back from the blood test she ordered and said everything was great there. I think I have figured out part of the problem: my prenatal vitamins or supplements. There was a day when I was out and about all day long, and I forgot to bring along my pill case. I noticed toward the end of the day that I was still a little worn out, but it wasn't anywhere near the exhaustion I would start feeling around 9 o'clock in the morning. I've gone two days without taking anything and am going to reintroduce one supplement at a time to try and figure out which one is the culprit. I need to talk to my midwife and get her opinion.

At my last appointment I discussed a natural way of attempting to induce labor and my desire to go through with it. The exhaustion had gotten to me by that point, and I was (and still am) ready to be done with this pregnancy. It is so nice to have a midwife who is a fellow follower of Christ, because while discussing inducement we also discussed the timing of God and how that plays a role in things. As she said, "If God wants it to happen it will happen, if He doesn't, it won't matter." That is exactly one of two points with which I struggle when it comes to the end of this pregnancy. As much as I want this to be over and feel kind of like my old self again, I have to leave it up to God. He knows what is best for me and this baby; who am I to try to force the hand of God?

On the topic of this baby's name, we still haven't decided on the name, but Emmaline is slowly wearing David down for me. And I am patiently waiting him out...hee hee hee. So far, Emmaline has won Michael (David's brother) and Lucia (David's mom) over to the side of "Viggo", because, as they say, "She just says 'Baby Viggo' so cutely." Even David agrees with them on that issue. And in the first milestone of victory, David called him "baby Viggo" today!! (Accidentally, of course) The full name I have picked out is "Viggo Anthony Gustav". I think David is an awesome Dad, and therefore have given our second son David's middle name as a way to honor him. Unfortunately, the name "David" didn't quite seem to fit as a middle name for Viggo, so I had to go with David's middle name. Gustav is one of my father's middle names. We'll see if this in the end is Viggo's full name.

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