My Little Scavenger

I would just like to share a lovely story that took place today.

David was desperate to get outside in the "fresh air" while the rain had taken a rest, so we all put our coats on and went outside. We wandered around the outside of the house, just meandering, when Emmaline bent over to pick up something she found interesting. I just assumed it was a stick she was reaching for, since that seems to be what interests her the most when she is outside. As soon as she picked up her "stick" I instantly knew something was wrong, and I instantly knew what it was. She picked up a DEAD MOLE!!!!

I don't know how I recognized it for what it was so quickly, I've never seen a real mole, dead or alive. Unfortunately, my motherly instinctual reaction was to distance myself immediately, and hop up and down screaming, "Put it down, put it down, put it down!!!", like a little girl. Thankfully, David stayed sane and shook Emmaline's hand til she dropped the mole. We tramped right back inside where I promptly disinfected Emmaline's hand every way I could.

This counts as one of those things I just never thought about happening. Ohhhh, I love being a parent. Every day is bound to bring something new! Haha!

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