Winter Fun

We had snow here last week. Sunday rought us an estimated seven inches of snow, and a loss of power. David, Emmaline, and I spent the night in our living room in front of a roaring fire, which David and I took turns keeping alive until four in the morning, at which point the electricity was finally restored. Halfway through the night Emmaline started throwing up and had diarrhea, thankfully it all only lasted an hour, but it did seem to just add onto the misery of the night. I am sure that is why she was so miserable and tired the following morning. She ended up sleeping a majority of the day away.

David got Emmaline all suited up for a romp in the snow, including plastic bags over the feet. Emmaline didn't mind being out in the cold, but once her hands touched the snow she wanted nothing to do with it. I'm sure you can tell by the photos just how enthused she was by all of it. A round of hot chocolate for everyone and then back to bed for a nap!

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