Poor Emmaline

So, over the past two and a half weeks Emmaline has gone through some terrible suffering.

It started the weekend we went camping (which I am NEVER doing again while pregnant and having to keep up with a mischevious toddler!). The day before we were set to leave she got an incredibly nasty diaper rash. The next day she got her first ant bites, plus something in the air was aggravating her sinuses, plus she was teething! She was so miserable on that camping trip. The following Monday, after her ant bites, sinuses, and the rash were finally clearing up, she decided to pick up a bee, therefore getting her first ever bee sting! Her little thumb and forefinger were so swollen and puffy, but she handled it like a real trooper. Also around that time I noticed that the bottoms of her feet were a little puffy and splotchy. The swelling from her sting had gone down by the next day, but while playing outside a few days later she got bitten by ants again! Those bites have finally cleared up, but the bottoms of her feet were still splotchy. Over the past few days I could tell they were really aggravating her.

After getting awoken at 3 o'clock last night because Emmaline couldn't sleep for the itching on her feet, I decided it was time to take her to the doctor. After calling to set the appointment, I noticed that Emmaline had finally cut two of her cuspids (Praise the Lord!!). No wonder she has been so cranky!

The pediatrician diagnosed her as having inherited the Farina eczema gene, and that was what was bothering her feet. SO, now she is getting pampered feet with lots of lotion and steroid creme, plus some infant tylenol to help with the teething. David and I are praying we will get a full night's sleep tonight...it's been so long....

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