Week 31

Well, I got my compression stockings this past Friday! Let me tell you, they are already making a world of difference. I don't get a stinging pain as soon as I stand up, I don't get sore when I stand still, my veins aren't popping out as much, and I overall have more energy. The lady who measured my leg for my stockings told me my legs were swollen, and the stockings would help a lot with that, too. She said, "You are going to have so much more energy and feel so much better after you get your stockings!" Boy was she right! Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a while. It didn't hurt that I left Emmaline with her father while I went to a baby shower for a few hours, either!

I am almost packed and ready for our trip to the birthing center. I just need to pack towels, some wipes, gloves, and my going home outfit, oh yeah, plus my pillows and blanket, but those may have to wait a little while longer. Saturday morning I woke up realizing that I had completely forgotten to pack a bag for Emmaline, in case we have to take her over to someone's house. Guess I had better get that done, too.

My baby shower is coming up in two weeks. I am so excited about that!! My darling sisters Erin and Elin, and my kind friend Lisa have volunteered to throw a shower for me and Ian, and I am really, really excited. I didn't have a very big baby shower with Emmaline, (again, my kind sisters and mother took me to a nice little coffee shop where we had cake and coffee and they gave me lots of stuff for Emmaline. Which was very nice to have such a small party, as I had no idea what I was getting into, nor did I have many friends. Sorry about the length of these parentheses) whereas this time around I have wanted to involve the whole world. I don't care about getting stuff, I just want to celebrate the wonder of having another child with everyone I know! I can't wait for this baby to come!!

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