Week 30

This 30th week has been a total bear!! My exhaustion has come back with a vengeance, as well as my nausea. Beginning this past Monday I noticed some soreness in my left leg right around my knee area, and also some loverly spider veins (YEA!!). The pain would be worse immediately after I stood up from reclining. Then on Wednesday morning I got up and felt even more soreness and pain on the back of my knee. I called my midwife and left a message with her assistant about what was going on, and waited to hear back from her. (Which I still haven't talked to her yet, but that's due to playing phone tag.) On Thursday morning I kept wondering what could be causing the soreness, so I actually looked at the back of my knee, and this is what I saw:

HUGE VARICOSE VEINS!!! Altogether, that spot is about the size of a golf ball. Oh, I was sooooo depressed after seeing that. I feel like my body is falling apart and betraying me. I feel like I am WAY TOO YOUNG for this to happen!! I am soooooooooo ready to be done with this pregnancy!!

On a somewhat more positive note, I am convinced that I am going to go into labor early. I am not carrying this child full-term! This conviction is not of my own desire for this to be over; it's almost as if I can feel it in my very marrow. This boy is not going to put up with cramped conditions much longer. This conviction came on Saturday, so I went crazy trying to get my bags packed and ready for my labor and Ian's delivery. There's still so much to do!

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