Baby Shower

This past weekend was my baby shower! I had such a blast with my sisters and their families in the house. Emmaline played her little heart out with her cousins. She was so excited to see kids. As soon as she saw Amber she said, "Kid! Kid!" But what's so funny is she puts extra emphasis on the "d"! And she recognized Andrew right away and pronounced his name "Awndrew" the whole weekend. This was surprising to me, since she has never once attempted to say his name, so far as I can remember. Rod and Elin were great about playing with the kids, so they all enjoyed the attention. Meanwhile, we parents just sat in the living room chatting, knowing that as soon as Rod and Elin have kids they will be doing the same: letting all the children play together while you get a short respite with peace and quiet.

I laughingly challenged my niece Amber to go two minutes without asking a question: "Amber, I double-dog dare you to not ask a question for two minutes!! Watch the clock and see if you can do it!!" She thought this a neat idea for about 10 seconds then asked me, "What's a double-dog dare?" Hahahaha!!! You gotta love 'em!

Anyhow, my sisters love me so much they made a cake, from scratch!!!!, for my shower. It was so delicious!!! They even made their own fondant to go over the top of the cake, and it was way better than any fondant I have ever had! And the icing was to die for; I made Erin leave behind the leftovers. That can be my altogether healthy night time snack.

I had a wonderful time at my shower, and enjoyed being able to chat with all the ladies without having to watch Emmaline. Everyone was so gracious and generous. I am so thankful for the women the Lord has brought into my life. I have so many friends and acquaintances, which is highly unusual for me. I am slowly becoming more and more social, and have really enjoyed the feminine support and friendship I have encountered through our new church family. I am so blessed!

Erin, Elin and Lisa did a wonderful job throwing this shower for me, and I am just so grateful that there are people in my life who care enough about me to do such a thing! Thanks you guys!!! The only thing that could have improved the day is if my parents could have been here! I miss them so much!

After the shower we went out to eat, then came back home. The boys played a game that David bough recently and has been dying to have someone masculine play with him. We girls decided to wind some yarn and had a good time doing. More times than not I ended up getting tangled in it. My one claim to fame will never be grace!

While we were gone at the shower the boys were kind enough to watch our little chicadees for us. They had a good time playing in a tiny pool and making an improvised slip'nslide. I told David that one of the wonderful things about leaving children all alone with their fathers who are left to their own devices, is finding out what incredibly outrageous thing(s) the fathers have done without adult(mom) supervision. I won't even tell you guys how David got the children to slide down a tarp in our front yard. It's just something we mothers would never even think of doing! LOL! Well, all of our children are in one piece and uninjured, so it can't have been all that bad. Thanks to the guys, too!!

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